• All Types of Wire Recycling

    Valley Mill Wire offers complete recycling services for all types of wire, including THHN, Cable Wire, Romex, Telephone Wires, including all types of copper and aluminum cable.

  • Immediate Value for Your Wire

    Valley Mill Wire offers on-site weighing services and payment. We process our own wire on our in-house state of the art equipment. The process allows us the ability to offer the most competitive prices and return the most value to our customers

  • Off-Site Services

    Valley Mill wire offers off site secure container services and storage for your wire needs. We provide free pickup services for 100 lbs of material and will pay on-site. Whether it be a construction site, demolition site etc, we will work with customers to develop a wire recycling program that meets your storage and disposal needs

Wire Processing

Valley Mill Wire LLC is a full service wire recycling company, we process our own wire on state of the art equipment in-house. It gives us the ability to process our own copper and pay a higher price for your insulated wire.

Valley Mill Wire purchases all types of Copper and aluminum cable.

Service Offered

  • Jobsite/Shop bins available
  • Pickup and on site weighting (100 Lbs+) – Cash Payment on site
  • Romex,THHN, Cable wire, Telephone wire
  • Cat5. BX, MC

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